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At Beyond Psychotherapy, I want you to have the best quality care for your mental health. We all have stresses in life, whether it's related to work, relationships, or even issues within yourself. I'm here to help. My goal is to show you not only changes within therapy but also outside of therapy. I am a professionally trained licensed clinical psychologist and I offer individual one-on-one psychotherapy (counseling) sessions.


Why not therapy? While therapy can still carry a negative stigma in many cultures, seeking help for mental health has become more normal. This isn't an easy world to live in, and we're all just trying our best to survive and "live our best life." It's about time we focus on how to properly take care of ourselves.

Some examples of what people come in to work on: identity development, new life changes or transitions, symptoms of anxiety or depression, difficulty connecting with others and forming meaningful relationships, self-worth or self-confidence.


Therapy can mean different things for different people. It is certainly not just for addressing a mental illness. Some people come in without having any pressing or urgent concerns. Therapy can provide you with the tools you need to better understand your feelings or emotions, cope with stressful situations, create deeper intimacy with others, increase self-love and empowerment, and ultimately improve your quality of life.


Therapy normally consists of 50-minute one-on-one sessions with a licensed professional. 60-minute and 90-minute sessions may be available upon request. What do we do the whole time? We talk about you.

I see every client as an individual and I truly care about your progress in the work we do together. Because everyone is different, your path to healing or growth may look different than other people around you. It would be a privilege to help you find these resources in yourself and to walk with you on your pathway to wellness.

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